Human head and body for animation

Hello, i have a project about the human body and how it’s going to change in the future and i would like to make an animation showing the changes on a human head and body(if possible).
What i would like is a realistic human head and body that i can animate to show as many of these as possible.

  • eye size - skull size - loose of little toe - skin color - hair loss - size of body (legs, arms, hands, fingers, muscles) - forehead size - teeth size and lose of wisdom teeth - jaw size and position - nose size and position.
    I know how to animate and edit the body parts, and the things stated above is everything. It doesn’t need to have all the options but it would be nice.
    I’m kinda short on money but i can still pay, this is more if you have something that’s just laying around.

Thanks you to anyone who can help me out.