Human Head (basemesh phase)

I’ve decided to model a human head, and this time I’m starting with basemesh.

So I was wondering if this mesh would be considered as a good one to start your sculpting?
Please point out every mistake and every missed proportion i made with this.

I’ve watched some tutorials on modeling a human head. Some people add primitive ear shapes to basemesh and some dont. What would you reccomend?

It’s not proportions you should be interested in a basemesh but face size. When you use multiresolution modifier and add subdivisions, you need more polygons in detailed areas and less in round/smooth/flat areas. If you create a base for those areas in your basemesh, you don’t need as much subdivisions for everything.
(With dyntopo in Blender 2.66 that problem goes away because you can add geometry where you need it. Can’t even use multiresolution)

So I think that is just fine. You might want to add extrusions for eyes and nose to concentrate more polygons for those areas but depends on how high you can go with subdivisions.
If you decide to add ears, have a bit smaller face size in those. If you sculpt them separately, then it doesn’t matter.

something like this