Human Head..but there's a problem!

ok, I took a shot a a human head, it’s going well, but when I render the face is gone! I can only show a screen. Help would be REALLY appreciated. I can provide the .blend by email if nesasary.

The Face:

check and make sure you have a light in there :wink:


I definately do. When I render, I only get the eyeballs.

Is the lock icon next to the layer panel pressed down? If not, click on that and make sure the layer with the face is selected.

it was right…thanks for the suggestions guys, does one of you want to try the .blend? I really appreciate this. There are some great helpers here :smiley:

sure, I’ll take a look at it.

I’ll try the Blend file. I am also working on a head too.

I’ll need to email it to you guys…emails?

[email protected]


Got the .blend and I had a little time to look at it before heading back to the real world. The problem is that for the face mesh you have particles turned on. Go into the Object buttons (F7), click on the “effects” tab, and then delete the particle effect you have going.

The reason that you couldn’t see anything was mainly because you would have wanted static particles. I kind of got curious about what this would look like as a particle face, so I upped the number of particles, changed the material for them, added some velocity, changed the life, made them static, and added some spot lights set to halo for the eyes.


Thanks veach! you’re the best!

Somebody else posted the solution before I got a chance to reply.

However, that particle image is pretty cool!

you know that image witht he particals turned on actuly looks pretty [email protected]$$ would make a pretty good wall papper if taken a bit further, i know thats not what your going for but you have to admit thats pretty cool

Yeah, and I can imagine that “particle face” being animated like in one of those sci-fi horror movies.

Yeah, I think I’m going to make my own model to use for a more detailed particle face or person. It seems like you could use a modified version of what I did for a ghost-type character. Use some RVKs to make him talk and pile some effects on a voice and you can make a pretty interesting video with that.

I’ll start up a WIP thread in a day or two with a model hopefully.