Human Head Model. Focused on Topology

Tell me if I did it right:

Obviously she still needs some ears

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this would be better suited to the Modeling forum?

Firstly yes, Lakitu is right.

But secondly, very nice. The eyes need to be much bigger though. 1.5 times, I think.

Your topology looks good. I don’t know if you could say “right”, as I’ve seen many head meshes in my own search for good topology and come to the conclusion that no two people model the same. But the mesh is clean and the flow looks good. If you did not err by putting this in the game engine section, your poly count may be a little concerning though even for a high poly mesh.

you asked, so i’ll answer.

you did it wrong. mostly around the mouth area.

this picture shows an example of good topology, you’re off to a fairly good start though!