Human head needed....

Hello, I started using blender yesterday, and imediately dived into building a human head. I learned how to use particles to render hair and have no problems with that. My plan was to build a human head and then play with rendering hair on a model and skin textures etc…but as its my first attempt at a human head, it wasnt very good…so i was wondering if anyone in the community has a human head i could use for testing purposes…it just has to be plane, in its mesh status, with no textures etc, but i would prefere a femail head.

thanks :slight_smile:

There are several places on the net for free 3D models you could go to. Or you always have the option of making your own.

thanks for your help…ive started making a new one using a great tutorial
heres the link incase anyone stumbles across this post, and needs help

thanks again

Hi peter18,
very interesting. You start with the most difficult object, a head, I think :slight_smile: It would be better you would try first something with basics and easier models.
That is what I think.

Ciao :wink:

Haha…i do like to challenge myself, ad a head is probably the hardest thing to do…but it has tought me so much about blender already :smiley:

Good luck!

Ciao :wink: