human head script?

I tried this python script in one of my human head file, but I don’t know why it is not working. I pluged in the script to the file, and clicked ALT+P, then some buttons poped up, so I clicked one of button, but I returned back to the script without any change to the head. anyone can teach me how the script work? :expressionless:

In the GUI hit ‘New’ -> ‘Add New’ -> ‘Name new Head’ -> ‘Done’ This will add a new head to the 3D window.
Then hit ‘Element’ and select the part of the head (target points) which you want to work on. Adjust the slider and hit ‘Update’. When you’ve got what you want hit ‘Done’ and select the next one.
Do the same with ‘Special’.


What Fight% is implying is that that scripts creates its own head. You cannot use it on a head made by you since it morphs vertices and it must know these vertices a priori.


Thanks forks. I am going to try to modify the script.

I tried this script in a new blend file, but nothing happened. when I clicked action button, and selected New, then I returned back to the script and nothing happened in 3D window. Please anyone can tell me why and teach me how this work?

you have to use the script with the .blend file that comes with it.


thanks a lot! it is working now!