Human head (update 30dec)

This head is for my wip chick who needs new head.
U can view thread here:

  1. None, start over

If u have crit or comments just fire away

I’m leaning toward #2… the browline on the other two just seems too pronounced.

I’m liking the first one. Seems more soft and less edgy than the others. Which would suit a female better.


#2 is more appealling to me, but I’m not sure what you’re after. Could you be more speci[®.as to the context?

My comment is 5- they don’t look different enough. You need to get braver moving stuff around more radically. For starters: (on all models):

1- forehead is too high: I know the eye should be half way up in front view, but the forhead shouldn’t reach all the way up to the top; it also goes down too far- right now her eyebrows start too close to her eyes. very menacing, but perhaps too much?
2-forehead/upperhead too wide: starting with around the eyes should be half an eye to either side, going up it should taper, not balloon. This is making the forehead look even huger.
3-not enough defenition to eyes: the eye shape as defined by the eyelid has a random puttylike effect- it makes the eyes hard to read and gives a creepy look to the model.

Please don’t start over! You have a nice/detailed enough base to start from, its time to get brave with those tweaks…

I think on #3 you should move the cheek bones a little more out to the side and see how it looks. I would go with either #1 or #3.

all of them are looking good to me. But something is not ok with the ears, or it is me just blur. Especially when you look at the model from front side.

No. 1, but the eyes should be further up the face, maybe. Put some basic hair on her so you can decide how far up the face her eyes go.

Thanks everyone.

I think question should have been wich face looks best coz i didn’t pay much attention head shape yet. Anyway people has spoken and i took number 2 for next level.

I really apriciate all of yours help.

slikdigit: I didn’t quite understand your third point. What means puttylike?

Evry: I hope those ears are just teporary, atleast i should em make better, time will tell.

And here are new renders with little tweaks:

Hi Poju, defenite improvement you’ve got there. What I mean is on a real eye, the eyelid/eye line is defined well by curves. They have a nice shape, and the curvature is much more intense at the edges where the eyelids meet (upper and lower)
In your eyelid, the defenition isn’t totally finished yet, so it looks more like a clay sculptor who hasn’t quite finished tweaking and defining the eyes. I don’t mean to offend you- I’ve seen some of your stuff before and I know this is going to be awesome when you’re done with it.

Thaks for clearer explanation, you didn’t offend me, critique never does.
Like i said at first time i just didn’t understand(language problems)

I’ll see what i can do

Here is update.

Ears are such pain in butt, but i’m pretty happy with these.
Minor tweaks here and there.

Any better?

Another update:

I’m so sick of this head.

Well attached it to body:

And i notice that body need much work too, but i move further progress to original thread.

wow. she is HOT!

(apart from the baldness ;))

hello Poju, this is really coming along nicely! her eyes look much better, she isn’t scary looking anymore.
Two points still stick out.
1-her eyes should be roughly halfway vertically in the head. ritht now the top is too high
2-her eyes should only have 1/2 eyewidth outside of them on each side in front view; you have nearly 2 eyes, or 4 times that. The result of this is that the girl is looking slightly alien right now (an attractive alien, I’ll give you that)

Good points:
You’ve got great defenition of the cheeks and temples
nice mouth, nice lips (nose might be too long but thats a matter of taste) nose shape is very nice. Ears are great, well detailed and attractive for a semi-realistic model.
Keep it up(ps I can post a paintover in ps to show you what I mean if you want)

Whee thanks

slikdigit: I see what u mean, head size is easy to fix, but side of eyes, it’s harder, i’ll try later on, but i’ll work on body next.
Seems like i have to build new and clothes too, it’s easyer than try to fix mesh i have now :-?

Good stuff!
Looking at the side profile I’d be tempted to try grabbing the vertices of the top and back of the ol’ dome and drop it down a bit - I’d take the top of the jaw line down with it too. I suggest this as the jaw seems a little sharp and face a little low. (All that might mean adjusting the position of the ear afterward)

I like the lighting and materials you’ve used so far on the head stills. The eyes in particular have a natural quality. Nice work.

Thanks you too

luckybreak: At first i disagreed with u and now after looking her for a while i totally agree, thanks.

ec2: Thanks, i’m allways amazed what u can do Blenders native textures. Materials needs much more work, but for now i’m pretty happy about em.

Well finally i started mapping her.

First maps i made at work with incredible tools i have in machine there,
MS-paint and MS-photoedit :o :smiley: . Well everybody know paint and photoedit is peace of crap too, but anyway i made this with those:
No crit need for this, it’s only for killing time at work

At home i’m working little more serious maps with photoshop, basic colours, little bumb and spec all is wip tough, but here are pics:

All crit (hars or not) is welcome