Human head update[WIP]


I have done a human head with sub-surf, and I need some tuts, how can I
make the ears and eye surroundings… :slight_smile:
If the links doesn’t work, use copy & paste. :frowning:

Any comments?

Aksy 8)

Good start!

But nostrils are a bit too wide maybe?


Hey, it looks good so far. It looks like your having the same problem I did, with facial lines. I didn’t think about laying my face out in the same lines as a real face, so when I got to complicated s-mesh, it was extremely hard to control. I used a Maya tutorial that I found in a magazine to do mine. Maybe if I get a chance to scan it I’ll post it. Or maybe just the pics and I’ll write my own.

Here’s a rather nice tutorial for ears:

It’s for Lightwave, but it’s not difficult to translate into Blender.


Thanx for cooments… 8)

I’ll put update as soon as possible…


Here it comes…

I will make a dark elf from R.A. Salvatore’s books. (If you know who is he)

This image is early wip without textures and materials…

Aksy :stuck_out_tongue:

my Inside Lightwave[6] book has a great head tutorial that pretty much translates straight into blender, great for materials setup too. although i now do mostly cartoony stuff as opposed to realistic humans the experience and techniques have been incredibly useful.