Human Head

This is my first try at organic modeling. It’s using S-Meshes (I fell in love with them doing this). It’s still has a lot to go, I’m currently trying to make some good hair. Things to finisher are: eyes need to glisten and touched up, hair, ears, skin needs layered, facial features need a little work.

This is just practice though. When I first made it I started with a plane on the top of the head, then just kep extruding it down around to block out all the features. My problem since it was my first one though, was that I didn’t follow some lines of musculature on the face, and it ended up causing trouble and I had to subdivide polys. It was a pain to keep them quads.

Next time I do it, I’m going to lay it out more effeciently and systematically so I can model armatures and muscle underneath the skin. Also make it easier to animate.
Let me know what y’all think of it!

not bad, but the nose and forehead look masculine while the lips and ears look feminine Scary :slight_smile:

Nice start!

I know, it was eventually intended to be a girl, and the ears would get covered up by the hair. The jaw and nose was one of those problems with the facial lines during modeling. It’s great practice though for modeling, now I’m finding the the textureing and hair is giving me even better practice at those aspects.

Not bad at all. Nose, mount and chin need to me moved back under the eyes though. Seem to be sticking out way too far.

Keep us updated.


I forgot to mention, the eye lashes and brows are static particles. Here is a close up

the turned out okay I guess.

Not bad, really good indeep… the proportions has to be fixed like others said.

I’m working on a very similar proyect (look my post in this forum) and I know by heart how dificult is to make a face look right.

Hey, could you give me some tips on how you made the texture for your iris, mine is really bad :frowning: and yours kick ass!

Keep up the good work.

I just found some pictures of eyes and iris, then edited the colors and contrast in a paint program. I also drew some thin read and purple lines running out and back to give the appearance of veins.

I’m working on my site now for blender and linux stuff. When I get it done I intend to post all my textures and such. I’ll post when it’s finished.



looks good

good eyelashes