Human head

I have been working on this for a while and I though I’d post it here :slight_smile:


Looks great. Very realistic shape as far as I can see.

It looks great.
You may want to work on the eye lids a bit more,bring them out.
Nice job tho.


very nice looking head, maybe you could tell us more about it.

and showing us some wires so we can be more helpful, not like you need our help, form the look of this one :slight_smile:

I echo the wires request. Nice head BTW, good ears - keep those in a separate blend file, then you’ll never have to model another pair. Ears are difficult to model.

with the correct technique anything is simple :wink: and I suppose that I can fullfil that wireframe request, do note though that this is the first head that I have actually attatched ears to, and so my ear joining prowess isn’t quite what it should be :wink:

Infact my join for the ears is crap.

Also I am planning to possibly remove one of the loops around the mouth, so I can give morphing in blender a go, less loops = easier work for me :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’m currently sitting on 1006 faces, I think the ears make about 3 - 400 of that count :stuck_out_tongue:


The ear connection does look a little futzed. You might need a couple more large loops around the skull to ease that ear in, or try a 3-into-1 closed loop solution front and back (see pic). It’s pretty high poly compared to the area it’s attached to.

I agree that you could lose at least one loop from around the mouth, unless you’re planning pretty sharp creases there.


I cleaned up the ear join a huge amount (even though I only removed about 10 faces in total in that area, I also removed the extra loop around the mouth, and opened up the mouth. Aswell as those changes there are also a load of very small tweaks here and there that probably aren’t noticable, but they are there :wink:
He’s now ready for a few morphs to be tried out on him, to see how well he deforms.


ok, sorry about the lack of updates, my personal life went a bit haywire today, but I decided that I might as well do something to keep me occupied, so I made a couple of shape keys to test out the mesh deformation.

comments and constructive crits gratefully appreciated.