Human Head

After starting on the Adrianna tutorial last night, this is where I am currently. I sorta got off track and just ran with it. Obviously, it’s not finished (hence the WiP status), but it’s a start.

Thanks Mr. Bomb for the excellent tutorial!

Updated pic:

** deleted **

Updated original post.

Hi there. I’ve dont that tutorial as well, very useful stuff. I stuck with the tut more or less the whole time though was good right to the end. What reference pictures were you using? That would help people with suggestions more.

the face looks a little elongated, and the head dusent appear to go back far enough

I’m just using the Adrianna reference photos from the tutorial.

Here is a screen dump:

** deleted … no longer applicable **

The cheeks/jaw bone needs to be pulled out farther. That’s one skinny face.

Also, for ease of modeling the rough, delete one side of the mesh (leaving the center line!) and turn on the mirror modifier. (Make sure merge is turned on.) I prefer to do this before sub-surf is applied, but you may be able to get away without that. Also, for the smoothing, turn DOWN sub-surf to at MOST 2 levels. Select the whole mesh (keep pressing the A-Key until everything’s highlighted) and then click “Set Smooth” (it’s on the bottom left of the screen shot you posted). It’ll look just as good, and take FAR less time to render. :slight_smile:

you have waaaaaay more edge loops than nesoserry, all the extra loops are doing is making the mesh harder to edit(and almost imposable to animate if you ever wanted to).

see attachment, a reasonable amount of detail, without hundreds of verts


Well, I pretty much started over on this. I deleted everything but the eyelids and the nose. I’ve also done a fair amount of tweaking to those as well.

I’ve also probably jumped the gun a little bit and spent some quality time making the eyes / eyelashes.

I’ll try and get some wires posted tomorrow … for now, I must sleep.

Any crits or comments are most welcome!

(Updated pic is at the top of the thread)