Human Head

Hey Everyone

Just felt inspired this week to really push some boundaries and try and make something more organic.:stuck_out_tongue:
So i chose a head. I think Ive done a reasonably good job with the modelling (would have loved to have gone into more detail but I don’t have enough RAM). Unfortunately I did not think this far ahead and I have reached my weakest area (texturing and materials):(. What would be the best way of creating/ using a texture to a head which has not been modeled to any specific face???:confused:

I have provided two pictures of my last rendition (some progress has been made on the eyes and nose since the pictures were taken)

Any help would be greatly appreciated :yes:


The modelling is excellent! The only thing I see that strikes me as a little odd is the eyes. It may be the shading, but in the render you posted, the eyes look a little sunken into the head, like the skin around them is enveloping them. But I don’t think it’s a big problem.

As for the textures, I think lowering the specularity on the head will help a lot. Beyond that, I think the texture looks a little dirty. If you make it a little more uniform across the entire head without so many clouds, I think that will help and you still won’t have to have a texture tailor-made to your head.

It’s a very good model and I’m excited to see where you go with it! Good luck!

That’s fantastic advice thanks so much I have made some changes. I know that i still need to
-Create Lips Colour
-Fix Ears
-Fix Eyes (Not sure what to do but they don’t look right)
-Somehow find some RAM or something so I can do the hair (any alternative solutions to hair would be great).

Also I’m trying to get a more dramatic lighting and shadow so any tips or critique would be great.

Here is the update:

Cant seem to get the hair right.