Human Heart (added wires)

Here is my stab at a human heart (silly pun intended) I think I am going to try to sculpt it a bit to make it lumpy and then bake that to the low poly model. It is going to have a lot of wires connected to it so any parts that don’t look good I’ll cover up with those. lol.

One with color. The sculpting/baking didn’t go well so I am going to cover it a lot with wires. lol.

a good start

Thanks. I’m working on the wires now, should be able to update the image in a bit.

edit: Pretty much got the wires part done. I think I am going to do a UV Project from view and make a decent texture. I have to animate it to beat, so wonder what would be best to make the wires move as well. I think the mesh deformer cage would probably be the best bed. Any tips on a background to make it look like it is in a body?

I don’t know if I should go with the more realistic colors or the blue color? I like the blue one a bit better. Even if it isn’t realistic. I made the texture from a photo of a heart and tiled it in Gimp. Still need to figure out a background too. I don’t know what the inside of a chest looks like.