Human heart spec job

I trying to find help making a human heart . I have the outside shell finished . It needs to be keyboard controlled. There are so many thing to to with it. It will take research. We can animate different, medical procedures, different abnormalities, on and on. maybe we can start with a fly through a normal heart. Anyway if I can get a rigger , modeler , texture , and a animator . If we can do a good enough job , I think we can sell it. to doctors and schools. I already have a very good understanding of how the heart works. I hope It was ok to post this here.
human heart shell
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You had a good idea and your intentions are great :slight_smile: But I have to tell you, your idea is not new. It’s already being carried away by professional companies which deliver professional results to hospitals, clinics and schools.

For what I can see in your profile, you live in the US, so if you do some research, you certainly will find companies already doing this type of work. I live in Portugal, we are probably a decade behind you as far as graphics and computing is concerned, we have a lot of work to do to catch up with the US. But I know of a 2 year old portuguese company which dedicates precisely to developing 3D for medicine. So I wonder how far ahead the US is in this topic.

And for that type of work you’ll need one or more experts in human anatomy and biology. A strong team for 3D is not enough. I hope this enlightened you a bit about how big your intentions are. Do a research before jumping any further and come back here to show the results you got. I’m curious to know how that particular market is in the US, if you can find something.

Go discourage someone else. I did not ask for your advice. You spent alot of time writing. you wasted it all. You should only answer what people ask and keep your simple thoughts to yourself.

I’m only here to see if I can recruit help. If you are not interested please do not do not reply to convince others this will not work. I worked in ultrasound and studied and have a doctor and technician helping . Maybe you cant do it in Portugal but you can sure do it here in the US

I love the idea behind the project - but keep in mind that “spec jobs” are typically frowned upon within the design community. Although personal projects are a great way to experiment, you don’t have any guarantee that this will pay off, and if you do freelance work that means the work you spend on the spec job is lost revenue.

I don’t mean to sound demeaning, but I thought I’d give you a heads up. Good luck with the project! :slight_smile:

And with respect to ptbbastos’s post, there was nothing discouraging about it. He makes a valid point - hospitals and universities will more often than not pay bigger bucks for professional results. That said, if you found a niche that you can sell to, I say go for it!

I agree with blndr08, go for it if you find a niche. I didn’t mean to discourage you. I meant to build a point based on what I know. Hey, who knows, maybe Portugal is more advanced in this matter, though I think it is not. Probably you are in the most advanced country in this field. Anyway, here is the link of the company I talked about, so have a look at what they do:

It was not that it discouraged me but to people who might be interested. You said" My idea is not new"? Gee ya think? Of course Its not.
Everyone reads this post will get an opinion about what you write. Again I did not ask If you think I can sell It . If you was interested In helping / working, I will answer your questions . It would be different . If you asked how I plan to sell it. that’s different. If people want to help fine . If not fine . You write “Do my research then come back”? You have no Idea how much research I have done ( I really need to hold my tongue on this one that was just rude It was a stupid thing to say). If you think I am not so smart, that,s fine. I honestly really do not care.
About the job
I wanted to make this heart ( It is not important if it has been done before) inside and out. flapping valves. The coronary artery with a pulse . I wanted it so as to put a camera inside and look at the motion …on and on But first the outside . Make something hopefully we can sell soon.
How to sell
This is a book
There is just so many things we can do. advertisement for doctors . small jobs big job. learning tools. Small parts that Doctors know what they look like but can’t take a picture of. This is how I see things. I look on the TV and see Dr Oz . Sometimes his animations/ video illustrations are really good, some are not good at all .
This letter is getting to long
If you are interested in working on this.( For fun, for now) . Cool. Ask anything you want. I’m happy to answer, anything you want to know. Ill write more about my ideas latter.
If you do not think it is a good idea or just do not want to fine. You should respect my thread. I do not like writing and I,m no good at it. I do not want to respond to people who are not in on the job. Please do not post why you think this is difficult to sell , Its not. Its up to us and how good we can do. This is just my idea I,m working on, I’ll do it myself, but I know there are better Blender operators here and can use the help. This needs to be fun ( when I did art for fun people wanted me to do all kinds of stuff signs , portraits , tattoo pattern … when I started seeing dollars and did it for the money It stopped working so well ) . We might not make a penny we might get rich. I’ll email the bled file if your interested.
Thank you

No one was disrespecting it - I think you’re reading too far into what we’re saying. As fellow artists and freelancers it’s not only our duty to encourage other users it’s our duty to warn of potential pitfalls or what not to do. This is mostly because we’ve been there before and want to save you time, energy, and disappointment.

I’m sorry you took so much offense to our posts. The world’s not out to get you. :slight_smile:

I so wanna do this project by myself my self now. Thanks anyway