Human Heart

I need animated human heart (exterior and interior). Please PM me with a price.

I’m sorry, I was busy. So, anybody want this job?

Hi, I just a few days ago for a job inquiry learned to recreate objects from MRI scans, but lost interest as it was pretty revolting.
I’m not sure but I think the scans I worked from were from a mortality motorvehicle head piercing accident etc.:face_vomiting:
I could animate if no one else with experience wants to, the separate muscle layers moving correctly in unison, the stint deftly slithering through the ventrica…

Here’s some of my animation examples
and here’s my main page which is recently an attempt at archvis focused

I should add that’s a very impressive heart model! I tried to generate a pre-retopo heart model but it was a voxel-like tangled lung infused mess, no arteries whatsoever, discernible flaps and gristle, etc!