Human in game engine

I am modeling a human in blender but I don’t know what to do first. Should I animate the model first and then put it into GE or input it directly into game engine??? If I can just put into game engine without animating, can someone tell me how?

Have you tried pressing ‘p’?:spin:

Yes but that’s not what I’m talking about, how do I make a character walk in GE? do I have to rig it and/or animate it or what

Yes. You will have to make an armature for your character, rig it, animate it, and then use the armature’s Action actuator to play your animation in the GE.

And I use what for a sensor, like keyboard or something?

Use whatever sensor you want. If you want the animation to play when you press a button, use the keyboard sensor. If you want it to play all the time, use the Always sensor. There are lots of possibilities.

alright thanks alot!

@Zoup, That is soooooo helpful!

@Blnmaniac, At the risk of sounding condescending, the Blender Game Engine (GE for short, sometimes BGE) is built into Blender. When you press “P”, the game engine uses the information that is loaded in blender to create an interactive enviroment.

So, if you’ve modelled a human and press “P”, you’ve just put your model in the game engine. Animation has nothing to do with whether or not you can put an object in the game engine. Theoretically, you don’t put objects in the game engine at all, you just run the GE and it uses what is loaded in Blender already. You can, of course, animate your character.

If you mean animating before using logic bricks and python script, then yes, do animate him/her first. It’s a commmon practice to do so.

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Walk cycles are tricky. Animate your character walking in place. If you must move your character’s point of origin vertically to keep his/her feet from going through the floor, do so. Make sure to not move you character’s center horizontally when animating your walk cycle, because if you do, it will result in a very jerky walk.

Old little oto tut, maybe useful?