Human Love everyone! :slight_smile:

I am very very pleased to present the work we have done to promote the musical “human love” (forthcoming).

I want to really thank the whole team has done an absolutely incredible work:

Annonymous, Clouclou, Kiopaa and Sozap.

A great big THANK YOU to them for their talent and enthusiasm!
And to all those who supported us in this adventure!

Modeling / Textures

Rigging / Animation

Camera / Editing

FX / Rendering / Compositing

Hosting / Render farm

Philippe Rey

Made with Blender, in six weeks.

That is quite a remarkable achievement. :slight_smile:

This is a classic example (to me…) of how a well-told story trumps any quibbling about the technical details of just what was done to achieve it. Once you have engaged my interest and involvement in the story of “the survivors of a slave ship at sea,” I want to know as much as I can about those people.

The musical score and the execution are outstanding.

The days when Blender was playing in the minor-leagues of “gosh… you mean you did that with that toy program?!” … are l-o-n-g gone… :smiley:

… and they are never, ever, ever to return.

Ahah, thanks sundialsvc4 !

Happy you like it and that you are interest in story ! A teaser should tempt to see more of a story, i am happy it works :slight_smile:

And yes, blender rocks !!! Blender, what else ? ^^

Cheers !

Some images :slight_smile:

Its a shame how projects of this quality never seem to get the attention they deserve.

great wrok as usual !!

bravo les copains :slight_smile: