Human Male Basemesh

So I’m currently in the making of this basemesh to upload to Blendswap. I’ve retopologized Jonathan Acosta’s Human basemesh 2.0 model, then started reshaping it to give it a more realistic look. Currently I’m working on the hands, but I was wondering if there are things that I should improve on the rest of the model to make it look better. So I’m asking you if you see something that I should work on. I want to make it really good so people who download it won’t have to work on it that much.

Well the original models is for scult I think but sure a new model with less polygon will be nice :smiley:

That is what I’m going for :smiley: Here is the finished product. I’ll post a link when it’s live on Blendswap. I hope you will find some use for it. :slight_smile:

Ok so seems like it’s live :open_mouth: This was fast. You can download it here.

That’s great, but you’re not to retopology the female model ?

sorry to ask but how many verts for this model ?

model is looking nice and hopefully can be use as a low poly one
but not certain


@Hammerh5 I am planning to retopologize the female model too, but currently I’m working on a project that needs my full attention. After that’s finished, and if no one uploads a realistc female basemesh to blendswap, I’ll make it.

@RickyBlender The mesh has 2041 verticies, I hope this is low poly enough for you :slight_smile: I tried to keep it as low poly as I could.