Human Model - Please Critisize

Hello everyone, I am not very familiar with Blender yet, I’ve been trying to get into it since some years but always got lost. I have just made a LPM in the last few days. The head is closely modelled to a tutorial, but after changing it to make it look more “male” things look very strange and unnatural; as can be said for the whole model.
It would be very kind if you could point out things, which can be adjusted.
Currently, I can see it isn’t correct, but I can not say, what needs to be done.

Thanks in advance.
PS: .blend is attached.model2.blend (633 KB) (Layer 2: original head; Layer 1:model)

EDIT: The model is supposed to be used in cartoon, therefore keeping it low poly and without much detail is fine. But it still should look convincing.

I don’t know much but I have to say I would be very pleased if I had produced that. Are you intending to add more detail? I suppose it depends on the intended use of the model?

Off hand, thigh seems little long; out of proportion. Other then that, it looks good.