Human model

Hi guys, just wanted to share a couple of my images with ya’ll.
Still in heavy WIP, obvisouly, lots to tweak out etc… This is my first atempt at modeling a human character, body and head.
Comments and Critiques are welcome. :slight_smile:

Updates to come.


nice model however your face is very childlike and pudgy with a body that has obviously been through years of hard work and training. keep pluggin!

everything is ok, I like it alot!! Except on what tmtechie said, everything is perfect :Z

Update. I’m not too happy with the way it’s starting to turn out, any crits would help.


I think the proportions are making it look a bit childlike. Try having a look over here for some anatomy references to fine-tune the sizing. Otherwise it seems to be coming along quite nicely!

Hmm… While the face and neck-area is rather fat, the body is extremely welltrained - rather unusual in the real world. And the biceps are rather short. But hey, its a WIP! It´s great otherwise!

Still lacks feet and hands.


nice body !!

not very real, but great fantasy work !!

Looking alot better now. The tricky part…the hands and feet.

Probably the last update I’ll post for awhile.
I’m just going to have to end this and be satisfied. He’s still not perfect, but I think I’m happy the way he turned out, especially for being my first human model.
I really learned a lot and gained some valuble experience.
Thanks for all the critiques and comments along the way, they really helped. :slight_smile:


very good work.
IMO one of the best human models i’ve ever seen :slight_smile: