Human Modeling help


I just started using blender like three days ago, and my main goal is human modeling for a game. What is the best practice route to take in order to reach my goal? What types of models and techniques should I start working with?


Box modeling for starters.

yea i usually just take a cube, extrude some arms, legs, hands, feet out, subdivide once and then make the edge flow correct

and for box modeling you are going to need to use the “k” hotkey a lot, it loop cuts

for example:
if you were to extrude arms out of a cube, you would first loop cut towards the top of the cube, giving you a proper sized face to pull the arm out

and an organic modelling tip:
use a mirror modifier so you dont have to edit both sides for symetry, it uses the objects center on whatever axis you specify as the line of symetry

To setup the mirror correct create a cube, go into edit mode (tab) hit [ctrl]+[R] and set the line to the middle of the cube [click] and the [click] again when it turns yellow. Now select the left side of ib (hit [b] to go into box select mode) and hit [x] to delete. Now in the edit tab select Mirror out of modifiers.

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I like to learn by looking at other peoples work and backtracking how they did it. The above link has a fairly low poly male human.

This tutorial isn’t so much for realistic humans, but the processes are all the same.

This tutorial is for the absolute beginner to Blender to help them get around the notoriously-hard-to-pick-up-on-your-own interface. Might want to do this one first.

Seen as one of the best box modelling (and texturing/rigging) tutorials, it would be worth a look. It is written for 3ds max, but there are Blender users who have completed it successfully in Blender, give or take a few steps. Might want to leave this one for later.
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When it comes to box modeling, Wings3d may be the best of the open source apps out there. But since you’re on to Blender, the extrusion technique may be the best method. There are free tutorials at the site of Mr Bomb, who is probably the best Blender modeler when it comes to human figures. You might want to buy one of his more extensive tutes on the subject.

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The best resources I’ve found for modeling in Blender were not tutorials for modeling in Blender, for me at least - but that was like a year ago (things change, or I is blind). I suggest taking the Blender Noob to Pro lessons to learn teh interface.

once you have completed these, I would take a look various free modeling vids that are online. It’s late and can’t think of the specific ones right now - nix that here

lowpoly galore

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