Human Modeling Thread

I wanted to start a modeling thread for, like the subject says, for human modeling, whether it be cartoonish to photo-real stuff. So if you guys have a method that you think is pretty good, post it on here, whether it be for eyes, noses, teeth, hands, feet, whatever. Anyways I hope this gets pretty big, this will help out a lot a folks. :smiley: Thanx for everybody’s input.

Some usefull (non-Blender-)links:

Peter Ratner, Modelling the Human Figure:

Joan of Arc:

SecondReality tutorial:

Some Blender related human modelling links:

Thanks for the input SoftWork, keep 'em com’n everybody.

I found the book “Stop Staring” to be very helpful. It was a very platform independant approach to modeling faces so that they are easy to animate and produce realistic facial expression.

That Joan of Arc document was a keeper.

It’s interesting, every time these Max tutorials show they’re easier to follow. Now we have loop cut, multi-cut, edge slide, edge rotate, only thing missing is n-gons. I think ton’s new bone system might even be better than the default Max bones.

Thanks for the link. I just spent a half hour ripping Joan of Arc to my hardrive. :slight_smile:

Yeah that “Joan of Arc” tut is awesome!!!