Human modeling

I have been trying to model a human and have run into a lot of trouble. So I thought it would be a good idea to create a human help thread. So if you know of any good tuts or other resources post them here.



Oh, me, me! I have links! :smiley:

These tutorials don’t use Blender, but most of the techniques still apply.

There’s plenty more where those came from too, on my tutorial links page.

[EDIT] The character modeling tutorials in my links are mostly for game characters. I’ll add some higher poly character tutorials soon.

Thanks for the help man.

I need help making people too. :smiley:

I was getting real excited when I saw the -


But then I found out it was a 3d Max tutorial.

Very sad . . . :x :x :expressionless:

Shard, Hi

Welcome to Elysiun, I was wondering if you had seen the Make Human project Its changing hands at the moment, and should start to get even better, I understand if you are more looking to creat your own models, but thought this might help :slight_smile:


Thanks for the links. I have heard of the make a human project but never tried it thanks for the link I will give it a try.

and if anyone else has any links feel free to post them

following the pictures and directions it shouldn’t be any problem to build lara in blender! don’t get distracted by the fact that some tutorials are written for XSI, MAX or MAYA… as long as they are abt. mesh modelling and not hair, fur or fluid effects they can be applied to blender or any other modelling software easily.