Human Modeling?

I have tried off and on over the years to do a succesfull person, and to be honest most of the time when I do succede the 3d person doesnt look great at all, usually either way to blocky, or wrong proportions or whatever. I still havent been able to get a decent torso right how long did it take you to get it?

Doesn’t this belong in modeling?

Anyway, as for me, I never “got it” I just gave up. Maybe I will try again someday.

You can try analysing some of the existing models like make-human.

the key to good human modelling is understanding the human body. try doing it in 2d, attending some figure drawing classes and reading some good books. I can recommend Dynamic Anatomy by Burne Hogarth and Artistic Anatomy by Paul Richer.

once you have a good grasp of that, you should be able to translate your 2d practice into 3d reasonably easily.