Human moves inside furniture


my project is about making a short animation movie. I am using both Makehuman and Sweethome3d.
Until now, I have imported the room and the humans and I have found the movements.

I wanted to know if there is a script that would prevent the human from moving inside the furniture or passing through the walls.

If there is no, I was thinking of calculating the “area of movement” by the .svg file the can be exported by Sweethome3d, but I am not sure how to do it.

Or is there a way tο prevent my little human for becoming an X-man:P

Thanks in advance

There are options. Where is your animation coming from? Are you doing it by hand?


Well, I want to download the simple moves from or
I haven’t decided…
The thing is that it doesn’t matter to me (or to my project) what I will use, just to be simple and seem real, meaning that my human isn’t moving through walls and furniture!

I think you might be hitting the limits of what prepackaged solutions can do for you. One idea is to add Constraints to your characters, such as a Limit Distance, so that they are disallowed from getting too close to an obstacle. This approach will be tedious and you will hit trouble trying to map out a complex scene.

Your next option is to build a solution involving the Blender Game Engine. It would not be too bad. You could put your characters on a Navigation Mesh and loop a walk cycle. They will be completely unable to run into things - one because of the Nav Mesh and two because the physics will prevent it.

Another option is to do the basic puppetteering - animate their paths yourself. This could be as simple as laying down a Curve for a Follow Path Constraint then adding a looping walk cycle using the NLA. This would give you utter control (you could make a character stop at the sink and wash their hands - anything), but at the expense of extra work and understanding.

Since your problem sounds well-defined (automatons walking around fixed boundaries), perhaps there is already a piece if software you can use. If that software uses a reasonable file format, odds are you can export from Blender to it.

Or you could pay someone for an hour or two of their time to implement the solution.

Some ideas.