Human pilot for X-Plane

maybe someone wants to share his human model with me and the rest of the x-plane community. I work on a Pilatus PC-12 and search a pilot for the 3D cockpit.
Preferred a sitting female or male pilot. License ( if any ) can be discussed but should be of no cost.
Thanks and regards

Do you know about the makeHuman program?

It will export to obj format.

What format does x-plane use? … how do you get a Blender model into x-plane?


thanks for the link. Very interesting indeed but it’s probably already overkill
for my needs.
It doesn’t need to be very detailed…there’s more a problem of suitable textures for a pilot.
There are existing import/export scripts for the x-plane format. I guess they are at for download.
Actually I try to tweak a 3D cockpit ( with a pilot ) from a freeware aircraft but i’m unshure aobut that license…Well but it should be possible to use that as base and change about anything. :smiley:
Would be great to have one or even more different pilots for different textured aircrafts. Maybe even some passengers in the back? But for me this is hard as I’m new to Blender…see my next post.

and some screenshots:

Help would be great…but I will finish it anyhow.