Human Primitive

Human Primitives

Human Primitive is a Addon that adds Human Base Mesh and tedious or commonly use Human Body Parts as Primitive into the Add Mesh Menu.

There is also A Simpler Free Version Available Human Primitive Lite

Applications / Uses:

  • Quickly to populate your scene with placeholder Generic Base Human.
  • This addon can be a good starting point for you to model your Character, it offers different Detail Level Topology Style to Choose from.
  • Can be Act as a Dummy Character For Test Rigging / Test Animation
  • Add Commonly tedious part of human like Hand, Feet, Eye, Ears to attach to your model
  • Access the Model from Shift - A / Add Menu, just like any Primitives

Before You Buy (IMPORTANT):

  • While the Model does have Basic un-optimized UV Map, it is not a fine tuned UV Map, it is just there if you just want to do some basic texturing.
  • No Texture or Shader is included (Exception: Eye Model get a Very Basic Shader)
  • The Model are not Game Ready
  • This is not a Human Designer Addon but merely a simple “Primitive Asset” Addon.
  • You should treat this addon like a primitive addon, similar to “Extra Objects Addon”


  • There is the Addon Part and the Asset Pack part of this product
  • If you do not like the Addon But want the Asset, A Zip file for Blender’s Asset Manager is Included

Human Primitive Lite (Free):

Human Primitive Lite is a Free and Simpler Version of This

It Consist only 1 Male and 1 Female Base Mesh

You can Get it From:

Human Base Mesh With Rigs (Rigify) :

You can Add Human Base Mesh with A Rigify Rig or Rigify Metarig (can be use as Deform Rigs), useful for Dummy Model for Animating or Rigging

Blender 3.0 Asset Manager (Alternate Usage):

If you do not like the Approach this Addon Works, But you like the Assets, This product also include the assets for asset manager if you just want to use the asset manager for it.

Assets Included:

No Model Variation Images
Human Base
1. Human (Male) 3
2. Human (Female) 3
Body Parts
1. Head 5
2. Eye 3
3. Ear 5
4. Mouth / Lips with Cavity 1
5. Teeth 2
6. Hand 8
7. Feet 8

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