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Hi everyone,

Some of you may have seen this guy before, and probably thought I must have got confused and posted him in the wrong software forum. Well, if you look carefully you might notice he’s looking a bit more Blendery than usual…

For the uninitiated, this is my perpetually-in-progress multipurpose person project, which up until now has been carried out primarily in LightWave (here’s the original WIP). Now I’m reconstructing it in Blender (don’t tell NewTek…:shushing_face:).


So far the main focus has been on getting the skin back up to par using the original LW models and Sculptris/Krita textures, and using what I can of my currently sub-par Blender skills. No scans, photos or motion capture have been used up to this point (except for reference), and I intend to continue in this vein unless I find reason not to.

I was also making some headway with the wrinkle maps until I ran into this issue, so any insight there would be much appreciated!



Nice skin textures and material;)
what texture do you use in radius of sss ? (thickness map maybe?)
Good luck )


That’s the subcutaneous layer, which was mainly bright red in the LW version. I had to desaturate it to pale brown to get it working here for some reason.


Incredible realism!


damn man !!! this is so crazy !!!


Awesome, I was curious to see if anyone would be able to recreate the original animation. And low and behold you are recreating your original creation in blender. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me… Unless Kiki Stockhammer comes to torture me.


Great to see you here Chris! I love your work and I’m an old LW convert myself, not that you’ve converted or anything.

Nice work on this… keep it up. I look forward to more from the master!

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No scans, photos or motion capture? A-MAZE-ING.


Thanks for the comments!

I’ve converted.


Looking forward to seeing this progress in Blender. I started using Blender from Lightwave last year. You’ll be in for some pleasing workflow improvements.

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Outstanding model. Only slight comment is the SSS might be too high. Or possibly the radius of SSS is too high. Because the bulb of the nose and ears are looking a little too transparent. A waxy look

Other than that, very very close to realistic


Same, I started investing some proper time into it during the downtime on my last LW project - there’s no going back now.

Agreed - if I turn it down everything else starts looking too opaque though. Varying the values of the Radius image should fix that, but I need to do some more research to make sure that’s the right solution.

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Yeah, I have MHSkin SSS. I don’t know how to tweak the SS range either. But that’s my gut sense.

I’m experimenting now with the SSS strength and radius of effect also

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This is simply the best looking human face texture I’ve ever seen, and I live on Artstation.


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:


Hey Chris! Great to see another long-time LightWave user here in the Blender universe. I’ll be curious to hear about your experiences!

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i cant find family safe words to set before “good”, whose would be apt to this incredible work

just wow

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Thanks keseyrage! Thanks Bart! :+1: Thanks marcaroni!

Overwhelmingly positive so far.

That being said, I’ve been having some trouble with the next update, which is unearthing more issues the more I try to bury them. Mind you I still have my Blender training wheels on, so it could be that I’m just doing it wrong. Stay tuned!



OMG I’m a big fan of your work! I love to see your progress in bringing it to Blender! Keep it up!


I agree that it is slightly waxy. (but really slightly)
The more creepy it looks with those hollow eyes.
Like you were preparing the cyborg human 2.0 to replace us all :slight_smile:

Jaw dropping detail.
Blender community just can’t seem to get enough of this kind of “conversions”

PS. maybe make him even more “blendery” adding a blender logo tatoo on the naeck or sth :wink:

Jarek D(DJ)