Human Progress

Would be awesome to see some simulation from you when it comes to clothes and hair. I feel Blender still has ways to go for hair and cloth but I hear geometry nodes is a thing so maybe we can find ways to manipulate them using those.

I remember Blender having a hair shape key addon so that can help:

You can also rig particle hair now if I am not mistaken.

Blender cloth not so much info on my end tbh.


OK thanks ,will try!

Hey Chris! in this case ,if the the target model is much different from the base mesh ,is it possible to adjust the controler to match the new model?

Ideally you’d position the proportion controls before changing the mesh - I’m not sure how best to do that after the fact. You might have to duplicate the modified mesh and use that as a reference for positioning the proportion controls and then modify the base mesh to match.


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All prettied up for the new skin products launch.


Can’t believe she’s made up of polygon

Looks amazing, @ChrisJones! You just keep upping the bar of quality. How do you do it?

Can’t wait to see and load the updates to your Universal Human.

Have you gotten your Microsoft account lock issue fixed yet? Such a pity that trivial issues like this are taking up your time, when you’re so skilled at working on infinitely more interesting things (like what you’ve shown here).


Thanks, yeah that killed a lot of time and momentum, but it’s fixed now.


Hi Chris.
Do you still use and old potate pc, or have you gotten a pro computer now?

Looks fantastic! Are the lips texture procedural or handpainted? I’ve been trying to make a semi-realistic procedural lip texture but doesn’t look very good :grimacing::sweat_smile:

@luginugi Old potato still.

@AndyCuccaro Hand painted.

Ah, bummer. Thanks!

Damn, dude… :astonished:


Can I ask if this is going to be by itself or in some kind of bundle with everything? I have the body rig and was saving for the face rig, so I was wondering if you know how you’ll release it currently.

By itself initially. The idea was to separate things that can work as standalones, and are relatively easy to separate and recombine. Then there would be bundled, preassembled versions that could be upgraded to when you have the required components. Nothing’s set in stone though.

The Face Rig will be going up a little bit in price very very soon by the way (unless my account gets locked again)…

Okay, thanks! And thank you for the warning about price.

Hi Chris.
Can Universal Human Skin Shader be used in third party models such as the Daz model? so i use daz’s model and i use Universal Human Skin Shader to get realistic skin shader?

you can use any skin shader in any character model, but if you want to use the same textures used there, you must make thethe same or similar uv maps as the original universal human uv maps to fit the textures perfectly as possible…

pro tip: if you model has naturally same topology, edge flow, and density you could use a uv map transfer with data transfer modifier… perhaps it wont work for the rest of the body/face, anyways you will have to do it manually, good luck with that…

and make sure you character object has the same scale as the universal one, since some settings like SSS and some vectors from procedural textures may get broken or overscaled if your model doesnt have the same scale (fit as close as possible to the height of the universal human, it doesn’t need to be perfect of course)… and make sure you apply the scale and any rotation perhaps after the fact!!!..


yeah thx for answer my question

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