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Annnnd, Youtube takes down your worm video. :frowning:

Someone must have decided bendy levitating cylinders violate their community guidelines. Bizarre. I appealed it (that kept me up until 4am and messed up my sleep - thanks YouTube), and it’s up again now, but the damage is already done; views were accelerating rapidly, now there are none.

This, along with things they’ve done to me in the past, and Twitter repeatedly shutting down my hand videos - not to mention the technical hurdles - makes sharing my work an increasingly anxious experience. :frowning_face:


Hey Chris, can you show please the tension map that you used in lightwave for the face…? and if it is only one map with all the different wrinkles of the face can you tell me please how did you sculpted out everything?

Did you sculpt each wrinkle separately and then joint the maps together in photoshop?


That’s back in post #1 of the the old thread.

Great, thanks.

Chris, have you seen this?


Pretty cool proposal, good to see it got so many upvotes.

I did one a while back, but didn’t but nearly as much effort into it. Basically just wanted something like the maya tension modifier, does a similar thing and can be tweaked very easily. Would be cool to be able to use it for other things than just geo deformation.


I believe you can do such a thing with the cloth brush, but I could be mistaken about what you wanna do

Nono, different thing. This is a modifier you can apply to a deforming mesh/character/animation. It gives you a fast predictable result you can adjust any time.

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You can do that with shape keys

Is the roughness map also handpainted or did you used another map as the base?

You’d need like at least two keys per rotational axis though. For EVERY bone. That’s absolutely absurd. No one should have to juggle all of that. The list gets cluttered enough with just the brass tacks face poses one would need for a decently flexible character, much less all the corrective keys.

Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

I mean the shape key/ vertex group lists could really use a folder/hierarchy system (WITH COLOR CODING!) which would alleviate the organization issue


there’s at least a rudimentary
Help/Addon at least you can create groups which makes the whole thing clearer.

but same with the vertexgroups,

also the rigging/weightpainting becomes very confusing,
if you have several deformation models
(Rig-bone-vertex together with individual weightmapsgroups for e.g. smoothing certainregions) the chaos is perfect.
Here it would be nice if you could structure different vertexgroups.



Imgur works on RCS, I use it all the time.
Just make sure you use the direct file link, and use the .gif one, not the .gifv.

So nice. No words really…

Keeping an eye on developments there.

Yeah I saw that, that could be useful in certain situations too.

They’re all hand painted, that one used the bump map as a base.

I think I did that, but could only find a .gifv. I had to extract the link from a longer URL, and trim the “v” off.


Yup, that’s the way.
I might be wrong but I think there’s a setting somewhere in your imgur account to switch between gif and gifv as default link.

Hi Chris! Ive been observing ur pogress and id like to ask that can you please send a link if there is any sort of tutorial on realistic skin shader/texture?
cant pass without saying this is splendid work!

Thanks NnNG - personally I don’t have any tutorials, I can’t think of any I’ve come across either sorry. If you examine my initial node setup and texture maps (scattered throughout this thread) you might get some ideas though.

@ChrisJones not sure if you caught this recent YouTube video by cgmatter or not, he references your works in it and brings up mention of tension maps in blender.