Human Progress

@MichaelBenDavid There are no expressions as such, just F-Curves and some basic properties.

I expect cloth or soft bodies would be too processor intensive and/or hard to control, otherwise that would probably save having to use any corrective shapes at all. I haven’t delved into sims in Blender yet though.

@TheAwesomeGM Materials as in documentation, videos etc.


Oh, ha, thought you meant materials in the sense of textures, but I had a feeling that wasn’t what you meant

yeah but i mean baking the simulation into a shape key (yep you can do it) and about performance is not that big deal…

Hey, this is amazing work! I could really use this for a project idea I’ve had in mind, is there a rough ETA on the face rig? Or would it be possible to get what you already have, that one video where you showed it off looked really good already. If so I’ll jump on the chance to buy it right away, but I don’t want to do my own face rig (I suck a that) knowing that next day you’ll come around with a proper one :slight_smile:

Again, great work you’re doing here, that is exactly what blender needs in my opinion

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Thanks @Keypressing_Monkey - with any luck it should be within the next couple of weeks, depending on whether I decide to wait until a problem is sorted out with Gumroad first, which might add another 2-3 weeks.

Geez this looks awesome m8! Now i want to see how Ed looks animated in Blender in comparison to the original 2014 one

Thanks @Emanu1674, you and me both. :wink:

Face Rig!


Great rig! Looks so easy when you do things. I don’t know how you can push yourself to work on the same project for years, very impressive! Keep it up!

hey Chris, great job! i feel like it’s abit of an understatement even when i put it like that.
I’ve had my share of experience with snappers rigs based on FACS too, this looks A grade material.
anyway, do you have textures for these? I have you universal human body, I was looking for textures for it and couldn’t find them, If I get the face and upgrade to the all in one rig, does it come with textures ?

thanks in advance, Yoni

This is amazing, I have the base body rig and I’ll be getting the face rig soon!
Quick question: will I be able to use the male body I purchased to apply it to the full body rig? Or will I need to get a head base too?

Thanks @Ztreem, @yoni_segev & @holdmydrink!

None of them have textures, they’ll be available separately eventually. Since the model and rig foundations are in place now though, textures might be one of the next things on the list (which should make @TheAwesomeGM happy :wink:).

You won’t need a gender head - you can apply the male body you already have to the Body & Face Rig by following the gender upgrade tutorial, but if you get the Face Rig you might want to wait for the free upgrade code to the preassembled version rather than trying to assemble it yourself.

A good chunk of the D.I.Y. procedure is dedicated to transferring the gender, since applying the gender shape key scrambles the mesh once the head has been replaced, even if it’s the same head. So basically the head has to be severed from the body and applied to the head, and the body applied to the body before joining the two.


damn good job sir!!! for when a in depth tutorial? and btw how much is gonna cost the facial rig?

i damnn need to learn this riggging level ASAP!!!..

Great work and news Chris - waiting for the code :grin:

Just visit his gumroad account Michael.
There are several new options. If you already own the rigged body, just wait for a discount code!

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huh very expensive, still worth it if he can lower down a bit,and i just need to learn more in depth, because i already know at least a 60-70% of what he did with the rigging in this model, even that i haven’t buyed it…

Now i’m just wondering when Chris will be working on the materials, he’s alredy done, literally, everything else

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How many hours would it take for you to make the same? Then multiply that by what 1h of your time is worth.
Less than what he’s asking?! Wooah…your a master rigger then! Don’t waste your money on this in that case.


Very excited to try the rig out. I’d like to clarify, is it designed so I can rig my characters with it or does it intend to work only with the universal body? I’ve been using Blenrig as a ready solution in my work before and looking for an alternative.