Human Progress

i was talking about mirroring a shape key with slightly asymmetric topology in a model, but not making a shape key in a completely symmetrical model and then do the mirroring (which obliviously it wont work)

Either way that’s a given, since I’ll be packing them into group nodes.

The difficulty there is that the shaders are fine-tuned to work with specific image values, and there’s no one-size-fits-all UV layout (maybe scan vendors could be convinced to contribute their own, since that would be in their interests). :wink:

Metahuman would be out of bounds though, since that’s restricted to rendering only within UE.

It’s amazing, nice job! :slightly_smiling_face:

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damn it i i want to see how are his skin shader node setups, very realistic in eevee with ssgi addon i guess…Niferia

Can’t wait for the textures to drop, keep us updated on that ! Also interested about how you’ll manage to make your facial hair particles in the future.

@ChrisJones can you show a list of the facial shapekeys you use for animation?
I’m curious about your setup and how many you have there

he uses more than the 50 standard FACS shapekeys, and for animation you would use all of them since the face is very complex and expressive, and maybe a few more shapekeys and perhaps controllers extra if needed for tweaks…


Hello Chris! I’m a big fan of your work - It is very very worthy. Are you working on a rig with which you can create any human face, or will you have to model it?

That remains to be seen, although it’s unlikely the rig alone would be able to generate any human face without the need for sculpting or modelling, unless I happen upon a vast library of copyright-free scans.


About that, I’m making a new mesh for MB-Lab called Reom (I linked a video of it up) which aims exactly to do that face (and even body) customization thing for free

Was wondering (future plans) maybe we can do a “Universal Human” support / Reom integration for Universal Human?

One way I can think of is making the shape with Reom then “Converting” that to Universal Human then modifying your rig accordingly

Conversion could be done by storing a shapekey identical to Universal Human in Reom, adding the generated character as a shape, then using a shrink wrap or mesh deform modifier with Universal Human on top of Reom to match it to the new shape

Here’s some information about Reom, trying to update whenever I get the chance

Being open source might be an issue, although assuming that could be worked around, I’m not sure of the benefit since the shapes would still be restricted to whatever sculptors can provide (unless it’s based on scan data?).

Since I am the developer of the mesh I have control over the licensing, we can discuss that and find a viable solution.
As for sculpting, the problem with scan data is that they’re “presets”, they’re limited to the range and pre-set shapes of the scanned people

The approach I’m trying here is different, I’m doing the min and max possible versions of every bone and every sub-landmark of it

Which means I’m trying to cover all the possible Anatomical variety in a systematic way, if this works, it should be a better solution than scan data

Would like your opinion on the approach as well :+1: