Human Progress

Hah - well, although I can actually afford a PC now, the parts shortage combined with my very specific requirements have put that on hold until the prices get back to something less ridiculous, and more component choices become available. After all I’ve waited this long already, what’s an extra year or two… :wink:

I certainly appreciate the gesture though. :grinning: The RAM fluctuations are being caused by Blender by the way, it doesn’t look like it’s hardware related. My main issues are render times, and random GPU crashes.

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Ah, ok.

Getting back to this answer. Did you sculpt the pores and wrinkles in Blender and then the map that you get out of it you tweaked in Krita?

Maybe?.., you still don’t know if you are going to sell it with the Universal Human?

I sculpted sections of skin in Blender, and used them as stamps to create the basis of the static bump map in Krita. The wrinkle maps include a duplicate of this bump map, which I smeared in the direction of the squashing and stretching, and added finer painted wrinkles.

It’s the timing I’m unsure about.


Thanks for the answers Chris.

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What resolution do you work with when creating the pore texture and the final textures?

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8k for face bumps and colour, 1024x1024 for SSS, roughness yet to be determined (currently 1024x1024).


After days of bafflement I’ve finally pinpointed the Cycles X issue.

Whether it’s fixable or not is now in the hands of the devs… :pray:

:anchor: T91997 Glass + SSS Irregularity in Cycles X (


is 8k gonna be enough for closeups ? dont we need 16k at least for the bump ?

Just wanted to note that quality AI upscalers like Cupscale or Gigapixel AI could do a good job upscaling existing 8k images in case more detail is needed.

The bumps in my recent video are 8k, as were the ones in the tests I did a little while back, so I think that should be sufficient for most cases. Beside, I can only fit a few layers of 8k @16 bit into Krita before it keels over (yes yes, another reason to upgrade).


Also wanted to know, will you upload these textures you made for the teeth and interior mouth parts ?

When the rest of the head is done.

Aaand… fixed! :partying_face:

Cycles X Glass + SSS Fix


nice! what happened?

Brecht fixed it.

There are still other discrepancies though, so I’m not out of the woods yet.

Just in case you missed it.


Interesting, thanks!

There is not enough time before the release to improve Random Walk to handle
all cases this was used for, so restore it for now.

I wonder if that means Random Walk will be able to give Christensen Burley-like results in future.

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Good afternoon.
I have a question. I want to make my own head sculpt for Universal Human.
I export the Universal Human model to a Zbrush and sculpt it. Can I add the high poly(subD2~3) sculpt back to Universal Human?

I don’t use ZBrush so I don’t know the specifics, but if you can bring the sculpt into Blender then you can bake a displacement map and apply it to the base mesh (I’ve found Blender 2.79 to do a better job of baking). Or maybe you could bake it in ZBrush?

Christensen Burley was added back in, as of today.

The caveat is “for now”, but it’s still back.

Edit: I see other have posted this already!