Human Progress

You’re welcome! Figured this might save you some time as you wouldn’t have to rebuild things to fit with the newer random walk! Huge fan of your work, Chris, can’t be said enough that what you’re doing is frigging fantastic!

Am I correct that this material approach is only visible in render time and only works in cycles?
It’s magnificent outcome!

Isn’t random-walk a much better algorithm? It shows much better results for sss

You can check gob addon it’s by by bartosz aka Jose conseco, sublime addon creator

For some things, yeah. For others, no.

also I’d recommend editing posts instead of stacking a bunch one after another

Why that, i was reading over them. Each post gets a respond icon


No it works in EEVEE too (as bump maps at least - I don’t think EEVEE does node displacements).

Yeah I’m using that for the skin but the eyeballs look a bit better with CB.