Human Progress

Chris, when can we expect another video? Or can you tell us what are you working on now?

I’m trying to improve the iris, after having scrapped the past couple of month’s worth of failed attempts and gone back to the drawing board. Now I’ve resculpted it with a different texturing approach in mind.

For reference, the old sculpt can be seen here.

It will be a while before the next video, unless I come up with something quick and easy.


wow, this looks amazing! Can you please show us lightning setup and the background setup, please?

This looks really good. Is that a displacement map or is the pure geometry sculpt?.. if it is a displacement can you please explain how do you achieve layers of details in the render?.. or is a vector displacement?


@Skarrob There’s not much to it other than a plane and two area lights, although I also overlaid a screenshot of a matcap with Cavity enabled.

@yolao That’s the sculpt. The undercuts are quite shallow, otherwise they bake into the displacement map as artefacts. So there’s no actual layering, it’s just sculpted to appear that way, with AO and cavity helping a bit to sell the illusion. Here’s how it looks as a displacement:


As displacement look great as well, is it vector displacement?

Just regular displacement.


Is the base geometry hi res with some details to help the displacement works better?

It’s just this subdivided 8 times.


Ah OK, very interesting.

I have seen some artist achieve the level of detail that you have here in the render but with a base geometry with some details, like middle subdivision of the sculpt, to achieve a great render or in any case with low subdivision but with vector displacement.

So after you sculpt the iris in Blender and bake out the displacement did you retouch it in Krita to achieve the desire result or is a displacement directly from the bake in Blender?

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Yeah detailing the geometry would tie it to the displacement map, and I want the displacement to be easily interchangeable.

I adjusted the levels in Krita, touched up some minor artefacts where there was intersecting or overhanging geometry, and removed a mysterious indentation encircling the pupil.

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Yes, i definitively prefer not to have the geometry tie to the displacement. Thanks for the insight.

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Chris, I found this video

The animation looks awfully similar to a hand test you made a while back, yet its a different render… Wut?



I find your tier system overwhelming.

Could you make an all in one package that I can buy?


@Oliver_Flatt I seem to have inadvertently invented some sort of benchmark for testing hand rigs. :slight_smile:

@wolfhammer It is getting a bit that way. I plan on a complete version of the head once the hair and the rest of the textures are done, and a full body version sometime after that. It will be quite a while before that eventuates though, and I have to be careful about how many combined versions there are since upgrades have to be handled manually.

Why not make said package now with free updates?

For major upgrades you can introduce a crossgrade package.

That’s what I’m working on, it’s just that it’s extremely slow going.

The only way I can do crossgrades/upgrades is to email out discount codes whenever someone has collected the qualifying items, which gets increasingly complicated and inefficient the more packaged options there are.

hey @ChrisJones I love your rig, and I’m really looking forward to the body and eye textures.
In the meantime I shaded the eyes myself, any tips on the sclera?

Also, any plans to include eyelashes and eyebrows in a future pack?


Sclera looks decent to me - there’s an older version of the eye nodes here if that helps: Human Progress - #23 by ChrisJones.

Eyelashes and eyebrows are planned, but I need to redo them (again) after I’ve learned how to use the new hair system.


This is great. Can you please show more renders. If possible one with an expression that show the wrinkles maps in action?