Human proportions

(Tonatiuh) #261

So I started the artstation challenge, here is the page of my entry still a WIP
Here is the first warm up:

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(Tonatiuh) #263

WIPs and more WIPs

(Speed7) #264

You are certainly becoming a master at this craft. :smile:


(Tonatiuh) #265

I’m no master, but yes… I’m learning slowly… and if that is true is only because I love to sculpt!!!

(Tonatiuh) #266

I’m reconsidering the style…

(Tonatiuh) #267

Advancing with the body, I don’t know yet about the proportions… I’ll keep working on it, if you have any thoughts, please let me know!

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I know… I shouldn’t post so often… but I like to came back and to this threat and see my work, and how evolve.

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Cloth sketching

(Tonatiuh) #270

(Felix Kütt) #271

Just missing that six-shooter! :smile:

(Tonatiuh) #272

It is coming! but it will be a one-shooter… Hi has a really estrange gun.

(Tonatiuh) #273

A new character I’m working on:

(Blendricson) #274

Great thread! Quite much scrolling, but it’s worth it! Great evolution.

(Tonatiuh) #275

Thanks! I have this thread a little abandon… I hope I can do something soonish

(Tonatiuh) #276

Hello everyone! long time since I post something. I made an sketch with a frontal photo reference. I’m loving 2.80!

(FlyingBanana) #277

Depending on the style you are going for I think it works well with the proportions you have. But if you want a little more realism then maybe a slight bit more length on the legs or shorten the arms a bit. But honestly I love the style that it is right now. Looks great I can almost hear the old gravely western 12 pack a day smoker voice in my head just looking at it. Great job!

(Tonatiuh) #278

Thanks for the comet!, the proportions are pretty realistic, it is a copy of someone proportions, a tall man, of course they are not average proportions, but it enters the realistic realm :slight_smile:
But yeah… It probably end there, I’m going to work in some base mesh, it is not worth it to start from nothing, to much work, and once you can do it… the challenges start to be about speed and to be able to finish something.

(robertzaku1) #279

Realistic Transgender Body Sculpt

(Tonatiuh) #280

Hahaha yeah
Let’s give him sex:

Eevee is awesome, and the blender video sequencer is really nice.