Human rig the software... a Cheat?

If i was to model and add textures to a Human Rig made by human rig the software would it be considered cheating? It’s a question I don’t know how to answer…

a) This is not a test, nor is it a game. There is no cheating!


b) Nothing in CG is “real”. It’s ALL cheating.

You pick!


Any tool you use to achieve your end result is just fine.

Something that I’ve told people new to computer graphics for a long time: “If you’re not cheating, you’re probably doing it wrong.”

(Please note, of course, that “cheating” in this context means “optimized corner-cutting for time/cost savings” and does not mean “stealing other peoples’ work”)

I love the responses! I wanted to side with it being ok, but I was very un-easy about the whole thing. thanks alot for clearing this up for me!

Thank you

I’m assuming what you really want to know is not whether fellow artists will consider it ‘cheating’ but whether it is legal to do what you want to do.

Assuming you have actually bought a license for said software and can prove it, you’re in the clear.
If the rig is program output then whether or not you can use it without a license for the software is probably governed by the EULA, and highly unlikely. Read it. If that doesn’t answer your question, email the company that made it, or contact a copyright lawyer.

Disclaimer: IANAL.

well I wasn’t thinking about commercially but I am actually talking about the sofware, “MakeHuman” and if any others would say I am cheating by using that.
But thanks for you concern.

I have “make human”, and it makes humans that are a nuance to rig.