human (silver surfer) just about done

this is the furthest ive ever got with a human, ive tried before but messed up hardcore but i finily decided it was time to take a step forward. so here it is so far.
c&c very welcome, im no expert on topology but ive done my best so far.


I would like to see some real man sometimes, not someone from a TV show…
anyway looks good Pork keep on going

Excellent stuff Pork! It’s looking really detailed already. Though I am with Hermallorn, he is a very buff dude :smiley: But if that is what you are aiming for it’s spot on! I’d love to see some meshes if you wouldn’t mind sharing!


ive been doin some mouldiong on the back but personally im really nt happy with the back theres something that just doesnt look right :frowning: .

misfit - ide be happy to sort out some meshes/wires but what would be the best way to go aout it? lol im never sure.

and to the the both of ya, yeah he is a bit ummm…toned, but this is my first body so im nt gunna try and make it to real (in the sense that no really has a muscle structure like this :o) its more of learning project.

anyway c&c welcome and appriciated, will start the legs next.


don’t tweek this model too long mate,
you’ll start smiling at other men in the toilets :wink:

did a bit more work on Mr.X :confused: , i wanna move on to head and hands now but ide also like to get some feed back on the overall apperance so far as i have my doublts about certain areas of him, but anyway c&c welcome and wanted, and thnks for the comments so far.


where’s the nudity?

anyway, the lower abs looks really pinched

The top of the buttocks are too far apart. By the time they get to the cocixs (sp? i.e. tail-bone) it should already be becoming the flat-triangle at the rear of the pelvic girdle. At present, it does not actually look like the guy has a pelvis at all.

In regards the scapula area, I think that what you had in post #4 was closer.

butt crack looks a little long, the gluteus maximus needs to be a little rounder, that’s just my opinion

Yep, this definatley looks like it’s going somewhere= so keep it up! Where it’s not going well is around the most private of parts. Where the lower stomach muscle joins the groin it should snake down. This part is often called ‘Apollo’s belt’ [At the moment it follows the logic of a bikini pulled too high] Same around the butt, as it should fan out above the ‘crack’ [At the moment it follows the logic of a G- string pulled too high] Also the rigde around the Belly button should face both up AND down - at the moment it just goes up.

At least you put yours up for crits…mine are just growing cobwebs :o

done the legs and dodgy parts from before up but forgot to take renders, so instead here the hands ive started doing, there actulyl pretty much done apart from some fidly odd bits that need tweaking (do you agree with the pink high-lighted areas as “need work”)
C&C always welcome.

oh, and the knuckles, but im having trouble with them and figureing out how to make them all crinkly so any tips on that would be tres handy.


and at last the build is finished!! :smiley: my first person and im pretty chuffed with it, theres still some tweaking to be done but i decided that he looked a bit like the “silver surfer” so hence im going to place him into a scene (anyone feelin that??) anyway, C&C would still be useful but the over all man is done any other sugestions for scenes would be cool.
cheers all.


Overall, not bad at all. I did that tutorial repeatedly until I got used to doing things. Very helpful references and workflow.

YOu may want to soften up the abs and the lower pectorals. They seem to be too defined and hard right now. The rest looks very decent.