Human skin texturing

Hi there,
Can someone please let me know any source (paid or unpaid) to learn how to do realistic human skin texture in Blender? Thanks in advance!

Have you found something? I would like to have something too.

I’m looking for the same thing. Please let us know.

I’m trying to answer the same question. From what I can determine, the key is getting high quality texture maps with cross-polarized photos and sss maps and stuff - once you have that I don’t think the blender texturing it’s anything that crazy. Problem is I don’t think those high quality texture maps come particularly cheap- my guess is they’re hard to create. looks like it’s got them for sale

Hi all,

I need help with the human skin blending too - I’m uploading a screenshot of my blender window where I tried to combine a 3D face mesh with another 3D body. I named the two UV maps with the same name and joined them.

As you can see even after trying to use clone tool from face mesh with texture painting I do not get the same color of the skin on the body mesh. I would love to have your suggestions that would make the blending of these 2 meshes with their own UV maps smoother so that the merging line between the meshes is not visible is not visible when exported as .fbx files to Unity for VR purposes. Please let me know, thanks a lot in advance!