Human Skull WIP

After some time of not using blender, I thought I would do a refresher project. I’m using 2.5 Beta so learning where things were moved, and improved as I go. I’m using medical images for references, so tell me what you guys think :yes: .

I’m working on the jaw/ear area right now, it’s amazing how many bones are in your head.

thats pretty cool. when you are done will you make a tutorial or are you already following one? if so can I have the link

I’m not following a tutorial Massies, and I don’t have any plans to make one. All the changes I’ve made along the way would be too difficult to keep track of or explain.

I’ve finished the jaw, added the back of the skull and worked on more details.

looks good.

Bob the skull almost got scrapped tonight, after some more study of the skull I found a few mistakes that needed correcting. But I have plans for him now so I finally got the loops/shapes to behave. I still need to go back and clean up extra edge loops and flip a few faces to make it flow better, but I’m pretty sure the modeling is finished. Now to texture him and setup the scene.

Beginnings of a scene, still no ‘real materials’. This will just be part of the room, I got bored just staring at Bob.