Human Tree - Update #2

I used MakeHuman, Lsytem, and Fiber for this project. Thanks to [email protected] for those nice sky textures. I plan to make better use of that sky before I am through. I am also going to put a better texture on the leaves, the current one is just the defualt lsystem texture.

C&C would be appreciated!

Full is here

Full is here

Interesting concept, I like it. It might be better if you worked on blending the man into the tree a little more as it looks like he’s been “stuck” to it, rather than being a part of the tree. The tree itself, and especially the leaves look rather spiffy :smiley:

because of the way his legs are bent, it looks like he ran right into the tree running.

ouch lol :o

dude now thats a real tree hugger but i dont think greenpeace is gonna be too happy :slight_smile: i hope he bought the tree dinner first…


I am hoping to make the human appear to be emerging or even merging from/with the tree. I wasn’t really trying for tree-hugger porn… hehe… The update has a better blending between human and tree. It still needs tweaking but is getting closer (baby steps).

The grass and texture on human part should look better. The leaves are different but I think I need to venture outside and find the perfect texture. I would also like to change the bark as well.

How do I edit a posed object? Can I “bake it” or something? Everytime I go to edit the human it snaps back to “pre-pose”.

I am going to change a few more drastic things in the coming updates!

Cheers and keep the comments coming!


how bout having his hands griped onto the tree? like he is holding it. the grass im not too sure about?

I have to admit. I like the first one much better than the update.
The leaves of the tree and the grass are much better in the original.


^ Likewise, the leaves and grass for the first pic are better looking IMO. The change in texture alignment between the tree and human seems to be really giving it away that they are separate entities. It might be easier to get them looking merged togther if they were part of the same mesh so that the texture runs through both of them without breaking.

Of course I could just be a mile off the mark and have no idea what I am talking about either :slight_smile:

Here’s the best update in my opinion. It is getting closer to the concept and quality that I am after.

The leaves are getting better but because of the way Lsystem made them with the UV texture I am having trouble. The texture needs to be symetrical in a flip flopped way (rotated 180) way.

There is minor pp only because I didn’t feel like copying some of the grass.

I still need to know how to make the pose permanent on the human (bake) so I can texture the tree and human as one.

Any other comments, criticism, and suggestions would be appreciated though I am getting close to “done” for now.


Maybe I just have a much dirtier mind than all of you…

no comment

Okay, now you did it…eww. Well, he has nothing to be ashamed of, it might just be a bit uncomfortable…

mm, I wonder if the grass he’s on shouldn’t have a minor spherical shape, so that it seems to be lower on the sides compared to the center? and the grass seems a little short, might wanna make it about 1.5 times higher, but that’s just me.

Nice progress on it so far, but the branches of the top part of the tree don’t weld in very well.

Maybe I just have a much dirtier mind than all of you…

Heh, not only you…


Looks a bit game engine like…