human unwrapping problem

hey all, i’m a noob at unwrapping, having never done it before. sorry for those who look at this, see the problem as something too simple (it may be for all i know) and laugh at my noobness XD but here we go.

unwrapping my model for the first time and made seams following a tutorial on blender cookie. however, unlike the tutorial, my unwrapped…odd. individually, everything looks fine. when the entire body is unwrapped, however, the hands and feet and super teeny and the body is very large. if anyone knows what i did wrong, let me know because i think the seams might be ok aside from maybe some minor adjustments. i’ve included some screen shots…


Can’t clearly see the seams, but I think you should separate (cut with seams) hands and feet completely and unwrap again.
You can stitch everything together afterwards. Not an ideal workflow, I know.

ok i tried that and everything looks fine till i saw that one of the feet is effed up. i screen shot it so you can see what i’m talking about. still scratching my head on why that one foot is messed up looking and the other is fine when they’re cut the exact same way.


Maybe “constrain to image bounds” is active?

appears to be off. that’s under the “UVs” option panel right?

Yep. Hm… weird, are you positive it has exactly the same seam cuts as the other hand?
Try to select the hand only and unwrap again. In worst case, you can delete the wrong unwrapped hand mesh, then mirror the good one, weld it, and separate and mirror its UVs.

well i double checked the feet and by themselves, they unwrap just fine. it’s only when it’s unwrapped with the rest of the body that it messes up like this. should i just unwrap the feet separate from the rest of the body? it’s not how i wanted it, but i may not have much choice.

Check out this tutorial, and carefully watch how the seams are placed. Seams are everything when unwrapping.

Hope this helps!

This was recommended on another thread. A lowpoly model, but the seam placing is still valid.

i also have the same problem but when i hide certain parts then unwrap and do it again vise versa then all together sometimes it’ll work i think its just a bug we have to deal with for the moment

@Guiseppe- if the seams are bad, then why is it only effecting one foot when both are the same though? i’ve changed the seams on the feet sooo many times and it doesn’t change.

@tenderfoot86- i’m starting to feel that’s the case. thanks anyways, think i’ll just unwrap the feet completely apart from the rest of the body. they come out fine like that.

Can you share the .blend?

here she is. hopefully you can find what’s going wrong.


nora_unwrapping.blend (1.44 MB)

UV unwrapping is almost as much of an art as modeling in the first place. It took me a while to figure it out, but the aim is to unwrap the whole model and position the UVs so they make the most efficient use of the texture. To do this you need to edit the UV maps by hand.

When I first unwrapped a complex shape like a character I thought WTF? But you really do have to edit those UV maps by hand. Blender has some great automatic unwrapping tools (better than leading commercial applications up to a couple of years ago, but now about equal), but when it comes to fine-tuning the unwrap and positioning the unwrapped UV islands, you have to get down-and-dirty just like anything else in CG. :wink:

Don’t be afraid to unwrap different parts of your model using different methods to the same UV map. This can often give decent results. If the hands and face of your model are causing problems then unwrap them separately and reposition the unwrapped parts onto the texture as you want them to be.

My most recent UV head-mash came from “simple” uvspheres. It took me a good couple of hours to get the maps how I wanted them to be so they perfectly fitted the texture maps from NASA, but it would have taken less time if I’d known what I was doing ;).

yeaaaaah i noticed. i just unwrapped the feet separate from the body for now. it seems to work fine like that.

@Guiseppe- if the seams are bad, then why is it only effecting one foot when both are the same though? i’ve changed the seams on the feet sooo many times and it doesn’t change.

Yes this is just the way it works… as you found out sometimes it helps to place more seams (Less area, less computations = Less error prone unwrap).
Another solution is pinning, which i personally only use for organic unwrapping.

weird. ah well. i unwrapped the feet separately and just did it that way. i pinned, painted, and all is good now. thanks for your help!