human wip

First real human attempt.
Still allot of proportion work to do but I am not going for that realistic of a character.

Oh and if anyone can help, I am having trouble unselecting vertices as the alt key is used for dragging windows in kde, does anyone know how to change this for blender?

All C&C welcome.


Hey there, welcome to Elysiun!
That’s a good start, the topology looks pretty clean from the render you have there.

There are several ways to unselect vertices in Blender.

– SHIFT-Right click (this will select or de-select vertices individually while leaving the other vertices in their current state of selection)

– B, middle middle mouse button (pressing the “B” key allows you to selct multiple vertices within a bounding box, if you use the middle mouse button, you can de-select the vertices within the bounding box.)

– B>>B middle mouse button (pressing “B” twice brings up a kind of active selection option for selecting multiple vertices, using the middle mouse button with this tool deselects vertices.)

hope these things help, and if you didn’t know there is very helpful documentation for Blender here.
hope this helps! Happy Blendering!

Ah thank you so much for the tips, very useful. Guess I was to busy trying to get kde to change when blender had all these solutions alreay there for me.