Humane Rigging rig: how to pivot/turn on a walk?

I’m experimenting with the Humane Rigging rig and am trying to wrap my head around how to handle walking that is not part of an action sequence and allowing the character to pivot on one leg and turn.

For example, I am trying to imitate a simple walking shot in Daffy Duck’s Duck Amuck (see the walk between 2:35-2:37) where Daffy stomps into the shot and then turns toward the camera.

Here is my very poor imitation of these few seconds. I’m stepping through the frames individually so you can see what the custom control shapes on the rig are doing.

Please ignore the bad deformations, incomplete poses, and the bad MakeHuman model in this video – I’m just trying to figure out how to best utilize the Humane Rigging rig, and I’m starting with the IK legs.

Obviously, my Daffy Duck imitation has some serious problems. The IK legs “work” OK, but when it comes time to make a turn toward the camera, it’s obviously bad to rotate the root bone (the shape that has the four arrows on the ground) at that point in the animation because the character’s body bone (the shape that looks like a big cube) has moved far away from the root position.

This may have been the wrong approach, but I kept the root bone stationary and moved the body bone as needed so the IK feet would stay put but the thigh and shin bone angles would change appropriately because of where the body bone was located.

I thought I might want to rotate the body bone on the world Z axis and have the body turn that way…but the Humane Rigging rig doesn’t allow for rotating the body bone like that (the axes are locked, and unlocking them does nothing).

Another option I considered was rotating all of the individual body parts (head, chest, hips, feet, IK knee targets, etc.), but that seems like a major headache that would be extremely difficult to look natural.

It seems like the best way to handle this situation is to keep the character in one place but move the root bone…but it would defeat the advantage of using IK legs, as I would have to counter-animate each frame to keep the feet on the ground. Or do I need to make a change to the rig so I can do the equivalent of rotating the body bone? I’m scratching my head, trying to figure out the standard way of handling these situations with a rig.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It’s very common to setup your characters starting point and leaving the root alone from then on. So I think the workflow you’ve got yourself in is fine. You should really fix that body/torso control though. You should be able to rotate it. Its probably recommended for newer animators to use this control for a majority if not all of your hip rotation and translation just because it can get messy fast if you use it in combination with the hip control.
However, if you choose to use both controls use the body control for all translation and only use the hip control for rotations. This way you’ll have less counter animating to do and you could probably use the rig as is.

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Thanks for the suggestion about being able to rotate the body control. Maybe I didn’t set up something correctly in the rig and that’s why it doesn’t turn. I’ll look into that. At the very least, I now know that’s the way it’s supposed to work! :+1: