Humaniod Body Topology

I,m a noob to Blender but not a complete noob to 3d modeling, in the past I never did any modeling that included animation but now I want to have a go at it, I understand that to have something animate smoothly the topology should be in quads as well as well placed edge loops and that is where my problem is. I have done face and head modeling tutorials and understand the edge loops for animation purposes but I can’t find any good tutorials for the body, at least for Blender that is. I’m looking for tutorials much like Torqs tutorial on face modeling thats posted in these forums. I would be very greatful for any help you could give me on this subject.

Don’t know of any actual tutorials, but you can learn a lot reading female Elissa (nudity) and following up on any links provided by tolobán.

An exelent tutorial i tired a wile back called Joan Of Ark. Its at , go to the Free Stuff > Tutorials then click on complete projects. search for Joan, and you’ll find it. I cant get the URL becasue the entire website is under the title of

Its a tutorial for 3D studio max, but the priniples in modeling a person are almost identical. Changes between Blender and 3DS are:

  1. Use Sub-Surf. It makes things smooth like skin
  2. If it says crease edge, use Shift-E. You can set the pull factor

Its not blender, i know. it is simmilar in alot of ways though. You can punch around and read the other tutorials too, there are other great ones there.

Good Luck

Thanks Orinoco & The Storm for the info, every bit counts. As for the Joan of Ark tutorial I started to do that awhile ago, but when I got to the top of the leg I didn’t know how to make Blender do what the tutorial was saying to do, I then decided to go it alone without the tutorial, while the model may look ok it is still just a basic grid type mesh. I have noticed with the face & head topology there is a definite rule of thumb to follow but when it comes to the body there does’nt seem to be any. Thanks Again.