Humanoid, horned catish thing

alright my characters always turn out pretty crapp, but ive been working on this head and am actually starting to like it, its got style…anyways any feedback and criticism is always welcome…im doing this straight out of my head by the way, no referances or anything

Can we see a wire?

Not a bad start though it could use some detailing. Maybe try downloading a CVS build and trying the new sculpt tools on him and maybe retopo him too.(only in CVS)

Also the horn in side view looks a little flat, most horns are quite round.

Try giving the horns a bit angle. I think that they’d look better if the pointy parts would point a bit to the back. :slight_smile: Any plans on adding a nose or holes to breath through?

I say turn it into a demon worm!

Yeah! Evil soil-eating wonster! :stuck_out_tongue: heres my wireframe, im not sure how to get a smooth wireframe on there, anytime i try to get a wire with subsurf on, it obviouslly just gives me the original wire on top of the subsurf…
but here ya go anyways…oh and i did a little altering to the horns, made them a little rounder(not too much though, i actually like the bulkiness of them) and bent them a little forward…

On subsurf modifier “Optimal Draw” set

And under ‘Draw / Draw extra’ “Wire” set

its a camel koala bear-goat

i like it

alright heres a good wire, thanks