Humanoid Mecha

Outstanding! Impressive!
U are skilled indeed man! Greetings

Thanks guys, much appreciated!

Group shots are always so easy to do, but often turn out to be the coolest :slight_smile:

Nah, gotta avoid the clichés, or push them over the top, which I didn’t want :slight_smile:

There’s isn’t any actual texturing, as in texture painting. All materials do have grunge and some have details like the vertical groves on the chest piece. Both of these are done using tileable textures, that are box mapped.

This means textures are projected from 6 directions(x+, x-, y+, y-, z+, z-). In my case in object space.

This means you can do a highly detailed things, with relative ease and withou insanely high resolution textures.

Thanks Max, glad you like it!. The link works for me, maybe it was a temporary issue?

I’ve used HardOps, as mentioned. I’ve also contributed to HardOps, as pointed out by xeon. HardOps devs were also among the first to test MESHmachine pre-release.

It looks like you haven’t grasped what MESHmachine (or HardOps) does or you wouldn’t accuse me of copying HardOps. Besides, doing completely different things, MESHmachine works on the mesh level, while HardOps uses modifiers. So I’d encourage you to check out the introducion to the docs.

Thanks, it is.

:slight_smile: Thanks.

Thanks, I can’t take credit for the design, so pleaselet Bruno know as well:slight_smile:

Made, yes, finished, no :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not a fan of subd’s. It seams like your always fighting against them and they do have a tendency to producy rubbery looking hard surface designs. They are also incredibly wasteful. I try to avoid them as much as possible. For more sculptural hard surfaces, it’s hard to avoid them however. Creasing helps, luckily.

Haven’t rigged it, don’t intend do, although I might manually pose it a bit. The design is definitely more on the side of aesthetics than function, especially the shoulder area. Gonna be tricky to avoid clipping you were to animate this.

This might also be of interest to some:

Oh nice, that looks spot on for a metal material exposed to high temperatures and would look really nice around welded seams for example.

THanks for the link! I tried search but without results. The addon looks really sweet, weird naming though :wink:

:spin: woow!

Your Kung Fu modeling is amazing!
Any chance for a little modeling timelapse (something like Tor Frick on YT)?

BTW imho need more examples for mesh machines i.e. before - after gifs or movies how can I use it. I dont buy becouse dont know if i need it.

Have you seen the documentation, that goes over all tools in detail?

Thanks for link to documentation.

Could You show scale node group and rotateUVs3 node group from this material ?

the depth of field rendering is the most interesting image !

superb work

How long does it take to model, texturing and finish ?

WOW :eek:
Fantastic, character SUPER

This looks like a frightening real image from the future…

Great work!!

Very nice work!

Fantastic! I would love to see you model one of the more organic bits - the basic headpiece or chestplate. I am wondering how far the shape needs to be blocked out before starting to chamfer with meshmachine. I saw your MESHmachine demo on youtube. That shape still has flat surfaces. If you took those bevels and widened them, would you end up with something as rounded as the head here, or would all bevel-collide-hell break loose? Basically, is there more magic to these pieces here, or is it all straightforward beveling?

The head and chest pieces were mostly modeled in a traditional fashion here via boxmodeling. There’s even a subd mod with one iteration on it. Still, all the bevels and a number of corners on those pieces were done via MESHmachine. This was pre-release and a very early build. None of the normal tools, etc.

I think it would be quite tricky to achieve those forms by other means (or in CAD modeling even).

man this is so crazy, the amont of detals on this thing is really zrazy how much verts is it,

and “When you approximate a bevel with a chamfer or a low res bevel, you can’t just increase its resolution later on. On the other hand, if you use a high res bevel early on, you are committing to it”

does that mean you didnt use any modifire on this thing?

Not really. no. Other than mirrors and things like that.

this is even crazyer man, i cannot handell that much of verts by my one ,
this is a very awesome work,
you should be workig with a studo or something