Humanoid model - Aiming to complete this one - Beginner

I’m aiming to finalize (for a change) a complete full figure humanoid model. I’m posting my start here as a spur. Advice on the way would be great. And, i have a couple of questions, but first the pictures/thumbs.

The sketch that started it all. The reference sketch. The loops. Cam. Right. Front.

  • I am struggling with the loops where i want to change direction i.e. chin to throat… Any advice/links on this?

  • I’m not aiming to animate it, but to pose it. Is there anything to think about when it comes to edgeloops around joints, should they be multipled here?

  • Is there a good/better way to go from “many edgeloops on the top of the skull” to “fewer on the back”? (ex. on the poly front view you can see on his chest, the throat polies (3) merge in a N-pole to 2 rows of faces?

  • Is sculpt detailing, like in som Zbrush work, even possible with Blenders sculptmode?

  • What’s a good material/color/light combination for showing models like this when you want to show model detail? Personal preference or ??

  • What about hair like in Elephants Dream. Any links on tuturials how to do this?




Question One: Hit ctrl-e in edit mode after selecting a desired edge. Select “Spin CW” or “Spin CCW.” Play with that a bit and see what it yields you.

Question Two: Have at least three loops that describe the limb, one on either side of the bend (which is a loop itself).

Question Three: You can place a quad perpendicular to the major flow an that’ll eat two of three connecting loops. Aside from that I don’t know.

Question Four: Yes:

Question Five: Full range of texture maps run through the material nodes is my personal preference. (That is: texture, diffuse, specular, normal/displacement, and there are others… :P)

Question Six: Wait for version 2.5. It will incorporate Jashaka’s particle patch. :P!

Good work… Keep it up.

This may sound funny, but that first set of pics actually looks a lot like someone I know. Great job.

Tiny update…
More bodywork, competely messed up the joints between crotch and legs. The back is just awfull. Will post a wireframe when more is done.

Some trouble loops are giving me headache and i start to realize i have to remodel a whole lot.


… gave it some more hours. Hand and nails. New obstacles… The nails look bad. Generally the hand looks strange. Maybe there is too much detail with nails and creases here.

Should the thumb nail go “on top face” or “side face”?


eeewww… good job though


  • The ears are left.
  • So is details and styling of legs/feet.
  • The hand and nails still needs work.I’ve seen people model this pose with the arms bent slightly downwards. Is this preferable?