Humanoid model in the works


Im working on a humanoid model at the moment, but theres still a lot tweeking to do. Also the mesh is a big mess, so no wireframe shots yet - Sorry :slight_smile:

I have edited out the naughty bits for all the squeamish people.

haha love the black boxes

Yeah, didn’t want to offend anyone :slight_smile:

why, they aren’t boobs… not yet anyway:P

Wow, dude. That’s some awesome modeling.

Does it have legs yet?

Looks good. I never have the patience to model things like ribs or muscle groups. I figure they will get distorted during posing anyway so what’s the point?

Unless it’s for a static render, or just modeling practice. In which case there are techniques for stopping those parts from deforming.

What is it? A man, A woman or a child?

The proportions of the head to the body make it look like a child. If it is a kid, please put some clothes on it.