Humanoid Thing.

I am a beginner, so some tips would be nice. :wink:
Use of Blender & Sculptris.

That is better than your first try :slight_smile: This may sound mean to you, but the best way is to scrap the old projects and start new every time. The truth is that blender projects that aren’t done right from the start can’t really be fixed, but you have learned from it, even if it doesn’t look great. It’s best just to start again, and again, and again.

I went from horrible renders to making half-decent stuff in only a few years. Here is my first (and terrible) attempt to make a head about 3 years ago:

And this one was made a few months ago:
(about my 5th attempt I think, but I need to work on the eyes a bit more)

Let me know if you need help! I know what it was like to start learning blender, so I’m happy to help you, even if I’m not a expert :wink:

+1 Try Try again.

k thnx. will do since i just got back fromm camp